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Introduction is a web based scheduled file transfer service. It enables you to automate the regular transfer of files (your jobs) from any HTTP, HTTPS or FTP source to any FTP account (your destinations). There is a maximum file size of 200MB.


A destination specifies an FTP account and (optionally) a sub-directory relative to the home directory for that account. You need to create at least one destination before you can create jobs. To create a new destination, go to My Destinations > New Destination. You can now enter a descriptive name for the destination, and specify the usual FTP account details (host or IP address, username and password). After creating a destination, select the Test option from the Tools menu to upload a test file. Diagnostic information will be displayed during the test, after which the file FTPiggy.txt will have been uploaded if successfull. You should manually delete this file after running a test.

Example Destination Configuration

Host or IP address:

Username: johndoe

Password: *******

Directory (optional): public_html/feeds/


To create a new job, go to My Jobs > New Job. You can now enter a descriptive name for the job, the URL of the file to download (HTTP, HTTPS and FTP supported - see examples below), the destination account name, and a filename to upload the file as. The filename must always be specified manually as in many cases it is not possible to derive a sensible filename from the download URL.

Example FTP URLs

Although FTP connections are normally made using an FTP client in which you enter the hostname, username and password separately, there is a standard method for specifying an FTP connection and filename as a URL. The format is:


For example:

Example HTTP URLs

Some web servers are configured to require authentication before allowing access to certain documents. If HTTP authentication is in use there is a standard method for specifying your credentials as part of a URL. The format is:


For example:


The default transfer schedule is monthly. You can change this to weekly on the job configuration page. Scheduled transfers take place at or shortly after midnight in your timezone. Weekly transfers default to take place on the same day of the week as the job was created. Monthly transfers default to take place on the same day of the month as the job was created, or on the 28th of the month for jobs created after that date.


You can specify a minimum file size. If the downloaded file is less than the minimum size the job will be aborted. This option can be used to prevent a good file on the destination from being overwritten with the results of a transient error on the server generating the source file. This option has been designed for use with affiliate datafeed transfers, where files are expected to be several kilobytes in length, and anything below a few hundred bytes would indicate that an error occurred during the production of the feed.

You can also choose to unzip the file before upload. This can be used if the source file is compressed, but you wish to upload an uncompressed version to your destination. All common compression formats are supported and automatically detected.


To change your account preferences go to My Account > Preferences. Select Email on error to receive automatic notification of any errors that occur during your scheduled transfers.